Best gas stoves for bachelors and small families

Best gas stoves for bachelors and small families

Are you exploring some classy gas stoves for your small families?

If yes, then pat yourself on the back because you founded one the best resources to find the best gas stoves for bachelors and small families

Here we are going to share a list of the best seven gas stoves with single and two burners. These unique and two burner-based burners are best and handy for small families. 

Mainly we have four types of gas stoves according to burner quantity. Three burner gas stoves are suitable for medium-size families, and four-burner cook tops are best for large families. And other remaining single and two-burner ovens are useful for small families and bachelors.

For bachelors setting up cooking, setup is crucial things. And the wrong choice of a gas stove can ruin your essential time and mood as well. 

So, here we will share a guide to choose the best furnace for your small families. With the help of a buying guide, you can make a list of needed things. Let’s go,

Buying Guide: How to Choose a perfect Gas stove for Small Families?

In this guide, we will discuss all factors which play an essential role in choosing our gas stoves. So, without wasting a second, let’s start.

  1. Analyze your Requirement: Before searching for a product, you need to analyze your requirement. So, first, find how many members of your family. Above we also explained in brief about the size of the family. So, if you have 2-4 members in the family or you are bachelors, then these listed products are for you. 
  2. Budget and Brand: After analyzing your need, make a minimum and maximum budget line and look for the best brands. Few popular brands are Elica, Butterfly, Prestige, Glen, Sunflame, Pretti, and more. 
  3. Size of Gas Stove: For a small family you do not need a big size stove, choose a well-managed and efficient size gas cooktop. 
  4. Manufacturing and finishing: Make sure the manufactured quality of the product up to mark, and it must have proper finishing as well. 
  5. Pricing: Especially for a bachelors’ price is a significant factor, so we suggest you should choose an affordable and sturdy item that will help you for a while. Besides, on this list, we listed affordable and best gas stoves only. 

So, these were the few factors that are affecting our purchase in depth. We hope now you have a basic idea about the future gas stove. Its time to move on to our next section lets go. 

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List of Best Gas stoves for bachelor’s and Small Families

Way to go, here are our top 7 gas stoves for small families. Have a good read and for bonus tips read this article till the end. 

01. Prestige Marvel Glass 2 Burner Gas Stove

Prestige Marvel Is our top choice for a small family and bachelor’s. Above we mentioned, Prestige is one of the top brands for buying kitchen tools and other solutions. 

Prestige Marvel Glass 2 Burner Gas Stove

This Marvel model is the best two-burner gas stoves of Prestige in and ours also. It has a toughened black glass top that is the beauty of this gas stove. 

As we always prefer brass burner-based gas stoves, it also has two high-quality tri-pin brass burners. In which one lamp is small, and the other one is medium in size. 

The total size of the gas stove is around 64 cm * 39 cm * 13 cm that can be easily set up in the kitchen area. 

Powder-coated pan support and anti-skid feet are enhancing the stability of the gas stove and provide support for big pots and pans. 

To maintain the significant distance between burners and utensils, Prestige provided a calculated amount of space and Hight of pan stands. Below you get more details about its features and advantages. 

Good things of Prestige marvel gas stove:

  1. High-efficiency Tri-pin brass burners.
  2. It toughened glass top premium finishing.
  3. Powder-coated strong pan support.
  4. Spill-proof design and stainless-steel drip trays.
  5. 360-degree swivel type gas inlet. 

Drawbacks of Prestige Marvel gas stove:

  1. It works on manual ignition only.

02. Sunflame LPG Stove Single Burner DLX

Pricing of the gas stove is a critical factor for bachelors. So, we bring this most affordable single burner gas stove in India. This Sunflame Cooktop is our best choice for bachelors and small families. 

Sunflame LPG Stove Single Burner DLX

It has a large size great quality brass burner, and the size of the stainless-steel gas is around 400 * 400 * 160 cm. Also, the color of the gas stove is silver. 

One of the best things about this is it is straightforward to install anywhere in the kitchen within small space consumption. And it is effortless to clean and durable as well. 

We observed stability is a very crucial thing with a single burner gas stove. But this Sunflame stove has permanent powder-coated pan support, and anti-skid feet enhance the steadiness. 

Also, it is ISI marked product with all necessary security features. Finally, we recommend this gas stove for bachelors and students that is very easy to move anywhere. 

Good things of the Sunflame Single burner gas stove:

  1. Lightweight and durable cooktop.
  2. Excellent pan support and anti-skid feet.
  3. High-quality big brass burner.
  4. Soft and smooth knobs.
  5. Stainless-steel drip trays to prevent spillage.
  6. Affordable and value for money products.

Drawbacks of Sunflame gas stove:

  1. It does not support a 360-degree gas inlet pipe. 
  2. It supports LPG only.

03. Pigeon by Stovekraft Favourite 2-Burner Glass Top Gas Stove

Pigeon is a trendy and well-known brand in the Indian market. The main reason for the popularity of Pigeon is the quality of the products. 

Pigeon by Stovekraft Favourite 2-Burner Glass Top Gas Stove

They offer premium level products in an affordable price range. This two-burner gas stove of Pigeon is much-needed in a small family’s kitchen. 

It has a unique toughened glass top that gives your kitchen a premium feel. Also, for better balance, it has pan support and anti-skid legs. 

The Pigeon two-burner stove features a set of two burners for cooking many dishes at the same time. 

Stainless-steel durable body is attached below of the glass top. Also, it very easy to clean and removable steel drip tray and user-friendly knob that is easy to rotate. Sunflame supports all significant and required features. 

Good things about Pigeon two-burner gas stove:

  1. 360-degree revolving gas inlet nozzle.
  2. ISI certified.
  3. User-friendly knobs.
  4. Unique toughened glass top.
  5. Sturdy tubular legs for a firm grip. 

Drawbacks of Pigeon two-burner gas stove:

  1. The quality of knobs is average.

04. EVERYONIC Tecno-Flame Shine Crystal Stainless Steel Body

 This time we have another new single burner gas stove of Everyonic techno. It is our second single burner gas stove for bachelors or 2-3 members family. 

EVERYONIC Tecno-Flame Shine Crystal Stainless Steel Body

We covered this item for its stylish and elegant design because most of the single burner gas stoves have the traditional and ordinary design. 

Also, it tested for all security measures and ISI standards to ensure the premium quality of the product. 

It has a gas inlet on the right side of the gas and responsive knobs for secure operations. Portability is another concern for bachelor’s, and this Everyonic is portable as well.

To maintain the shine and clearance, this techno-flame model has steel drip trays and spillage free glass top. 

If you are a student, then we suggest you should check this product and have a proper analysis. 

Good things about Everyonic single burner gas stove:

  1. Compact and elegant design. 
  2. It has a toughened glass top premium finishing. 
  3. Easy to install and low-maintenance. 
  4. It meets all ISI standards.
  5. Heavy-duty brass burner.

Drawbacks of Everyonic single burner:

  1. No auto-ignition feature.
  2. It does not have a 360-degree inlet nozzle. 

05. Sunflame GT Pride 2 Burner Gas Stove

We mentioned a lot of affordable and best quality gas stoves for small families. But it is time to share some premium quality gas stoves for bachelors and low families. 

Sunflame GT Pride 2 Burner Gas Stove

GT pride model of Sunflame is our best pick for premium gas stoves for small houses and bachelors. Everybody knows, and we also talked a lot about Sunflame popularity and trust as well. 

It has an extra-spacious toughened glass top with metallic gold finishing. Also, two premium quality brass burners with a size of 85 mm * 85 mm are included. 

And the base of the gas stove has brushed matte finish. And euro coated pan support is attached with tri-pin burners. 

Sunflame offering two years warranty of manufacturing defect and others are mentioned in the user manual. Stainless-steel drip trays are preventing from spilling. 

Good things about Sunflame GT Pride gas stove:

  1. Best premium quality gas stove for small houses. 
  2. Extra spacious toughened glass top.
  3. Premium look with metallic gold finishing.
  4. Euro-coated extra-durable pan stands.
  5. Stainless-steel drip trays.
  6. Very easy to clean and maintain.

Drawbacks of the Sunflame GT Pride gas cooktop:

  1. The price of the product is small but high. 

06. Butterfly Smart Glass 2 Burner Gas Stove

Butterfly smart glass gas stove one of the top-rated two-burner gas stoves in India. It has exceptional toughened glass top finish and spill-proof design. 

Butterfly Smart Glass 2 Burner Gas Stove

This butterfly gas stove is highly thermally efficient and has mixing technology to distribute gas uniformly. The burners are made from brass material, and one is small, and another is big. 

In two-burner gas stoves, the space between burners is an essential thing that we can’t skip. This smart glass model sufficient space between for big pot and pans. Also, it has uniquely designed pan support and designer knobs for smooth operations. 

Cleaning and maintenance of it very easy because it has spillage free top and steel drip trays as well. Butterfly offers a one-year warranty of this product with additional features that are mentioned in the user manual. 

Good things about Butterfly two-burner gas stove:

  1. Smart lock pan.
  2. Flame-resistant panel.
  3. Heat resistant legs.
  4. Powder-coated pan support.
  5. Spill free top and drip trays are available. 

Drawbacks of the Butterfly two-burner gas stove:

  1. N0 support for auto-ignition.

07. Eveready TGC2B Glass Top Gas Stove

Well down, we are almost at the end of our list. This Everybody TGC2B gas stove is our last but product but not least. 

Eveready TGC2B Glass Top Gas Stove

It is our second premium quality gas stove for tiny houses and singles. TGC2B comes with a bonus finish toughened glass cooktop. The stunning look of this everyday gas stove can enchant anyone. 

It has two distinct (a small and a big) size highly efficient tri pin brass burners. The spill-proof design will help you in easy cleaning, and steel drip trays are also preventing leakage of any liquor. 

Everyday offers two years doorstep warranty for this gas stove. Additional components are powder coated pan support, soft knobs, and more. 

Good Things of everyday TGC2B Gas stove:

  1. 360-degree gas inlet nozzle.
  2. Spill-proof design and stainless-steel drip trays.
  3. Premium finish glass top.
  4. Two years of doorstep warranty by Everyday. 
  5. Powder-coated pan support.

Drawbacks of the Everyday TGC2B gas cooktop:

  1. Premium quality product but does not support auto-ignition. 

Great, finally, we are near to the end of our article, and we shared the most famous, trusted, and well-optimized gas stove. I hope you finished a good read of the whole list of the gas stoves. 

I am waiting for a quick Bonus! 

Don’t worry, we think of it. As a bonus, we have the name of a few exciting and best brands that we also use in daily life. 

For a small size burner, we suggest choosing these three brands in the first look. These popular brands are Prestige, Butterfly, and Sunflame. 


Congratulations, we covered the best seven gas stoves for bachelors and small families. We also attached the appropriate reasons to choose a furnace as per your needs. 

Still, you are confused and want a straightforward name of the best gas for a small family tree, and then we suggest checking our first three products. And our all-time favorite gas stoves are Butterfly two-burner and Sunflame GT pride two-burner

Browse all the stoves and mark their pros and cons and then finally go with the best one that can fulfill your needs. 

Now it is time to departing; I will see you in the next exciting and knowledgeable article.

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